Pace & Ross Learning Center

3922 South Marsalis Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75216

We make learning fun every day at Pace and Ross Learning Center

Children are wired to learn from their very first day.  Through fun, structured activities and play, teachers at Pace and Ross nurture children and give them opportunities to explore and grow physically, socially, emotionally and academically at each age level.

Infants are tiny, active learners. Our teachers nurture each child through music, sensory play and reading to stimulate vital brain growth to meet important development milestones. 

Toddlers are on the go and exploring their independence.  We offer a mixture of teacher directed and independent activities that begin to bring science, math and language alive each day.

There are many important milestones for children to reach before heading off to kindergarten where class sizes are larger and students receive less individualized attention.  At Pace and Ross your child receives the individual love and attention they need while continuing to develop the important social, emotional and academic skills that will help them succeed in 'big school.'  DISD Pre-K classroom on-site for qualifying families.

After School
Enjoy knowing your child is in a safe, secure environment after school where they will find homework help, healthy snacks, fun and friendship.

Our Teachers

'We Care For Your Children'
Together, our teachers have over 25 years of early childhood education.

Our commitment to children drives us to continually improve. The majority of our teachers have received their Childhood Development Associate (CDA) Certifications, so you know your children will receive the best care and education.

Did You Know?

A quality early education is very important to your child's success.
  • As much as 85% of vital brain development occurs in the first 5 years
  • Development for sensory recognition peaks at 4-6 month
  • New brain development for learning language peaks at 12 months
  • Social-emotional nurturing from the earliest moments of life enable children to trust, cooperate and build confidence, This creates further success in school socially and academically. 

Don't settle for daycare - get the best early childhood education for your child at Pace and Ross.